WHJE Logo WHJE is Carmel High School’s student-run radio station broadcasting on 91.3 FM. In 2008 and 2009, the station was honored by the Indiana Association of School of Broadcasters as the Radio Station of the Year. The students produce in-depth reports, local public service announcements and on-air shows in its newly renovated station with top-of-the-line equipment and production studios. When the 20 student-run shows are not airing, the alternative music continues to play commercial-free 24/7. On The Edge, the sports broadcasters announce JV and varsity middle and high school athletic contests including, but not limited to, football, basketball and baseball. WHJE also hosts many K – 12 social events.


Founded on August 16th, 1963, by former Carmel High School principal, Earl F. Lemme, WHJE has been a part of the community for generations. The station began with a total of 10 students, but has now expanded to a staff of nearly 50 dedicated members. After broadcasting its first 11 years in a log cabin at an external location, WHJE broke ties with the cabin and moved into the main building of CHS. Today, the station broadcasts daily within the school’s communications department.

The beginning course for radio, Radio Lab 1-2, is open to grades 10-12. After gaining hands-on experience in both the on- and off-air aspects of the radio, lab students have the opportunity to apply for staff. If accepted, students will enhance their broadcasting skills throughout the year in Radio Staff 1-2. Following staff year, students can apply to become a director and will be placed in the Radio Management 1-2 course. By enrolling in all three radio courses, the student can develop superb verbal, writing and social skills that will benefit him or her throughout their life.

WHJE is supervised by Brian Spilbeler.

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